giovedì 12 luglio 2012

Undercover Attack

Two examples of cowardice subtle from:

Q: What is a blind riddle? How do I find the answers?
Gossip columnists use blind items to report scandalous, dirty smut without the threat of a lawsuit. My riddles contain clues pointing to the celebrity in question and follow up clues are usually embedded elsewhere in subsequent columns which means you have to read every word. As irritating as that is though, once you find the embedded detail, it pretty much gives away the answer. Unfortunately, I am not able to answer guesses via email. Please forgive…would be happy to spill in person!

A: The ultimate in cowardice: the blind riddle, or how to destroy someone's reputation staying hidden protected from any risk and letting the people do the dirty work.

Q: Why don’t you allow comments on your site?
Under consideration – the site will be redesigned piecemeal Summer 2007 and adding a Comment Section is on the table. Still haven’t, however, figured out how to minimise the presence of freaks, spammers, and porn pervs that can sometimes spoil a discussion. Will keep you posted.

A: Preventing to readers express different opinions, taking away the right to object about your innuendo, it amplifies the disruptive effect of defamation.

We suggest to Lainey Gossip to purchase guns and kill directly their victims, in the meaning of physical removal, it will be less fun for them but the targets and their family would suffer less...

Respect is due to anyone, celebrities and ordinary people, just as the right of reply and defense of themselves when they are attacked in their private.

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