sabato 15 settembre 2012

Laurence Pieau, another dirty gossip bitch who doesn't understand the gravity of her actions...

Few weeks after the anniversary of Princess Diana death, killed by a reckless chase of criminals paparazzi, history repeats itself, with an hateful and unwarranted intrusion into the privacy of the British Royal Family.
For once, is almost unanimous the condemnation. Really disconcerting self-defense of Laurence Pieau, director of Closer, a french trash magazine (source: Huffinghton Post) :

As in any other cases of reckless intrusion for-profit into the private lives of someone, in front of the hideousness of the act, here comes a detailed and coward justification that emphasizes how in the name of money does not even consider concepts like respect and sense of moderation.

My 'dear' madame Pieau, the problem is not merely the royal boobs shown on your tabloid...your consciousness still dirty. Try to look over your nose stupid businesswoman, because the ethical and moral problem is having chased and spied a person during a private holiday in order to steal private moments that should be private, not published as hunting trophies. I can only hope that someone captures you while you're shitting with your panties down and put the picture of your ass on front cover, this could be the only way to make it clear to you (and those like you) the meaning of stalking for money.

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