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Ruffians of gossipmakers

Ricky Martin homosexuality questions 'inappropriate', Barbara Walters admits

Barbara Walters, the American television presenter, has expressed her regret over a controversial interview with Ricky Martin where she aggressively questioned him about his homosexuality.

12:30PM BST 30 Mar 2010

Speaking just before the Latino Pop star confirmed he was homosexual, the 80 year-old broadcasting veteran admitted she had pursued “inappropriate” questions during their interview in 2000.
Walters, who has interviewed some of the world’s biggest names over an illustrious 29-year career, asked him whether he was a homosexual, which he refused to disclose.

She then asks Martin what Gloria Estefan meant when she once told him "enjoy your sexuality" as the star becomes more awkward.

Walters, who is known for getting stars to open up on camera, continues her questioning by asking him how exactly he is "enjoying it."
“In 2000, I pushed Ricky Martin very hard to admit if he was gay or not, and the way he refused to do it made everyone decide that he was,” she told the Toronto Star earlier this month.

“A lot of people say that destroyed his career, and when I think back on it now I feel it was an inappropriate question.”
That interview, broadcast on the American ABC Network, is seen by many to have ruined the 38 year-old’s career.

After the interview his career in America fell flat although he is still considered a superstar in Latin America.
The Puerto Rican singer of hits such as "Livin' la Vida Loca," has long been the subject of speculation about his sexuality.

...but some months after these statements, Walters falls back in her bad vice ask the same question to a famous actor during a pre Academy Awards interview...

At the present day, people have lost all respect for every professionals working in the entertainment industry. Well aware that you can kill someone with gossip better than if you would do it with a gun, gossip becomes the perfect weapon to destroy anyone who does not like you (or just for fun sake) with unconscious shallowness, forgetting that they are human beings like you beyond their fame and deserve the same respect. 

Through a system of global mass communication such as social networks, the 'gossip weapon' greatly increases its power spreading itself everywhere like a virus, reaching millions of people in an instant. Paparazzi are  substantially like hired killers who use the camera as a gun (I still remember in this connection the murder of Diana Spencer and a long series of serious accidents caused by their reckless pursuits). But the worst in spreading this questionable practice, are professionals like broadcast journalists, television hosts or anchorman/women, both sexes without distinction and not necessarily active in the area of gossip. They are often well known and respected personalities of journalism, precisely like the aforementioned Barbara Walters, one of the most obsessed with sexuality of every celebs she's interviewing, to such an extent that she has become over the years a caricature of herself. 

Not just in the field of journalism, we can include in this big pile of gossip factory's ruffians, even supposed 'comedians' like, for example, Kathy Griffin and the now mummified from plastic surgery Joan Rivers. They are always in pole position in the questionable practice to submit their colleagues to public ridicule, giving new input to the constant gossip through something  disguised as humor but are only jokes in bad taste. The effect on the audience more superficial, people who take at face value any rumors uncritically, is disruptive. In this way the purpose is perfectly achieved and will be the same people, with their sick voyeurism, the keystone of this lethal mechanism called global gossip...the mud machine. 

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